The Whole Life Challenge – Reflections

It’s official: Today is the very last day of the Whole Life Challenge diet!

Am I excited? Not really…

I’m not jumping for joy

Seriously?! You’ve been on this diet for 8 weeks straight, and you’re not looking forward to that first beer? Or a chocolate molten lava cake? Or a dripping-with-grease pizza??

Whole Life Challenge scoreboardNope. I’m honestly not tired of eating healthy foods. I don’t miss grains or dairy or sugars! Now – that’s not to say I don’t sometimes WANT to eat it – it would be more convenient if I COULD eat it – but I don’t crave it, and I can find a great healthier substitute when I really want something.

The added flexibility WILL be nice when we want to, say, try a salad that has feta on it, or eat soup that has corn in it, or accidentally sip a tea that has sugar in it… But I’m not finding myself SEEKING OUT foods I’m not currently eating.

There are definitely foods I will be reintegrating: soy sauce, honey, maybe goat cheese, maybe some form of alcohol, fruit juice (fresh squeezed at home!)

…. Hunh. That’s a shorter list than I anticipated, too, haha.

I certainly don’t miss food dyes or guar gum or other processing agents/perservatives. I don’t miss hidden sodium and sugar and fat in my meals.

I don’t want to stop improving my health!

I’m not starving and I’m losing weight!!! What’s not to love about that?! I eat almost everything I want, sometimes until I’m absolutely stuffed! And I’m down, like, 10 pounds!

The only times I abstain from food is when I’m allergic, and that can’t change when the diet ends anyway… I will be glad not to work out every day, as some of my sicker days were really brutal, but for the most part, I think I’ll try to keep that going as well.

I’m afraid of what will happen to my body

I have some pretty serious allergies, and when they all act up at once, it can get pretty icky. I don’t want to nosedive into a bunch of foods my system doesn’t recognize… When I DO try to reintroduce some foods into my system, it will have to be intentional and methodical. It probably won’t be much fun at all.

Moreover, I’m super-conscious of the icky crap hidden in everyday food, and it’s really scary. Who would want to go back to eating nutritionless junk when they’ve got the real thing in front of them?

I’m going to hurt someone’s feelings

Ending this “diet” really just means that I’ll have to consciously make the decisions I’m already making. I can’t hide behind “Sorry – I can’t. I’m on a diet.” I may sometimes be able to say “Sorry – I’m allergic,” but more often than not, it will have to be “I don’t want to eat that, thanks.” That will be a hard transition. Especially if someone is hosting a dinner or a party, I’ll end up being impolite… I guess I’ll always have a new yummy dish on hand, and maybe we’ll just host more often…yipe!

I’m glad it’s over, just not relieved

Would I do the WLC again? Maybe…

I think I’d rather do it on my own for the rest of my life, and feel no pressure to do another “diet” or enter another “competition.” It really comes down to my health. Maybe I’ll feel differently if I win prizes Saturday, but we’ll see ;)

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