Our Feng Shui Encounter

Chris and I recently met with our friend and feng shui consultant, Shaun-Mathieu Smith, to discuss improving the layout and the flow of our home. I have to tell you I am SO looking forward to implementing the changes Shaun suggested! He has magnificent taste, and is very practical in his practice. There were no weird superstitious rules and he helped us come up with inexpensive ways to implement changes. No crazy up-selling involved.

Some of the improvements will be more of a process than others, but it’s nice to have someone knowledgeable to bounce ideas off of, and to get a fresh perspective on a place you spend so much of your time. Especially while we’re still tweaking and fixing up the house, it was great having Shaun drop by to help us analyze what’s left.

I’ll let you know how things progress as we make our home changes, but in the meantime, check out Shaun’s fantastic blog, The Feng Shui Foodie, and get in touch with him if you’d like him to look at your home or office!

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