Little OwlI don’t know why, but I adore putting little ‘finishing touches’ around the house… There’s always room for some personality, and it’s a never-ending game to see what little things I can sneak into the decor.

<<-- I crocheted this little dude!

From the front walkway to the bedroom, I have critters and paintings and all sorts of tchotchkes hiding in every corner. They don’t really get in the way of our everyday living, but they remind me that I control my space and all the little aspects of it. Chris is a really good sport about it, and I do my best to balance the art (so it’s not all floral or girly or orange…)

I’m not always sure why I love a collected item; some pieces hold real sentimental significance, and some are totally random and strange. Either way, I like cycling my ‘art’ and keeping each space interesting. It helps keep me engaged in maintaining a clean house, and it makes homeowning more of a project than a responsibility.

Gladiator PosterI will tell you now that Goodwill is my favorite place to pick up new oddities, and we have an awesome GW right up the hill (so dangerous!) Chris actually bought me a gorgeous birthday present there last week after I pointed it out to him. It’s more of a poster print than a tchotchke piece, but it’s SO gorgeous, and falls right in line with our off-base, odd-style collection :D

I love it – don’t you?

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