Everything Birds!

male indigo bunting from Rebecca's blogI think I can safely say Spring is my favorite season at the house. Everything is growing and lush and the critters are finally starting to pop out of the woodwork. I’m getting back to the garden and setting up the outdoors for meals and phone calls with Mom and birdwatching.

In my efforts to freshen up the yard (for basically the first time,) I’ve revisited my Pinterest account – what a dangerous thing! :D I love the long winding paths you can take on Pinterest – from from a picture to a recipe to a blog to another blog to a picture and back to do it all over again…

Well in my searches, I came across this lovely birdwatching/feeding blog and I thought I’d share it. Not only are there some really great bird photos (with captions so I can practice my birding skills!) but there are some great DIY feeder designs and beautiful birdhouse ideas. Not only that, but Rebecca has an etsy shop where many of her creations are sold.

Definitely check out Rebecca’s Bird Gardens Blog!

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One thought on “Everything Birds!

  1. What a nice post! – Thanks for linking to my blog and shop!
    I’m so ready for spring too… This photo seems so long ago when everything was green. :) Love your site. ♥

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