(A Very Late) Hello from 2015!

Goodness – I don’t think I’m quite cut our for this blogging world. I’m lucky if I can get in 3 posts a year!

P1000647-smAround the House
2015 has been a complete whirlwind. I’m not surprised the blog has suffered… Chris and I have been married for almost an entire year, work has been busy and interesting, and the deck still has not been built (though we’re getting closer on that front!)

Unfortunately, our little Chandler died this year. He was a great guinea pig, and I’m glad we got to know him and feed him yummy treats.

Orange Cashew Design
This year I’ve joined the local Chamber of Commerce, and I’ve so enjoyed getting to know members of my community. Joining and attending their events has really introduced me to awesome shops and secret corners of town I didn’t know existed. Chris and I even started square dancing because of my introductions!!

This weekend, there’s another facet of the community I’m looking forward to exploring – Sunland Summerfest! From their website:

This year is the 2nd annual Summerfest festival in Sunland Park! Our event is dedicated to the well-being of our local wildlife and all animals, and the proceeds are used to fund the development of a nature center located right here in the foothills. Summerfest features various animal rescue groups that specialize in finding good homes for the many animals in their care. And it’s FUN! We’re happy to be bringing a summer carnival back to Sunland Park, and we’ve got a full stage schedule with live music. We’ve also got local arts and crafts sales, animal adoptions and more!

My company, (Orange Cashew Design), is one of the sponsors for Sunland Summerfest – my very first company sponsorship!


Well, in an effort to blog more regularly, I’ll end this post here so I have something to talk about next time. Maybe I’ll post pics from our recent trip to Portland! :)

Wedding Came, Wedding Went!

Some day, I will be able to update the blog more frequently, but this time, I had a good excuse! Our wedding was the first week of July, and I’m just now feeling like daily activities have reached their somewhat-normal ebb and flow. Ahh – we are officially married!

We were able to get a few early shots from our photographers (again, amazing Gina and Ryan!) and I’m sure more will trickle in as everyone else settles back into their day-to-day. So for now, some teaser pics while I try to get some real grown-up work done!

our 'first look'

so happy!

kathleen attacks with bubbles!

pepper trees are lucky

a great shot of castle green - our favorite place

New Photos from Gina & Ryan

So I know I’ve been neglectful, dear blog-readers, but I swear I’ve been keeping up with everything else! With one month and two days until our wedding, I’ve certainly got my hands full…

I want to share a post from my wedding website so you can see we’re still alive and well! I promise to post some more updates some time this year! :P

They’re in!

We just received some phenomenal pics from our photo shoot with Gina & Ryan
(of Gina & Ryan Photography, naturally.)

I can’t get over how great they made us look! ;)

We made the best decision when we hired these two. I can’t recommend them enough, and I can’t WAIT to see what they can do at the wedding <3 Also! I really have to thank our coordinator, Samantha Sisk, for recommending Arlington Garden in Pasadena for the shoot. They have an amazing collection of plants, and it’s absolutely free to the public. I can’t wait to get back over there to take some pics of my own :)

Below is a small sampling from our shoot, but take a look at G&R’s blog for highlights of the whole series.




While you’re there, check out Gina & Ryan’s Los Angeles wedding portfolio – like I said, they’re awesome!

Thanks again, guys!

Critter Update!

Gotta make sure these cuties keep their fans happy ;)

Chandler (Chanandler Bong)

When he’s not hiding from everything (and I mean everything,) Chandler is usually ruling the roost on top of his basket home. Don’t let him hear you walk in, or zoooooom! he’s right back underneath his pigloo.

Chandler, the regal guinea pig

Zorro “El Gato” Vader

It’s always tough to shoot Zorro, as I need really bright light to get her face in focus. That and she usually has kitty litter on her forehead – don’t ask me why…

Fancy Zorro


Like Zorro, Keoki is really tough to shoot, but it’s usually because he can’t keep from wagging that painfully strong tail of his. Not complaining! Just happy to squeeze in a pretty shot like this :)

Keoki standing still for .0002 seconds

Pirate (Cali Pirate McGonagall)

And here is the ‘Princess,’ cheesey as ever. I have only recently found that if I lay blankets in a few choice spots, she’ll bury in them and sleep all day. Seriously adorable.

Pirate, the family ham