New Photos from Gina & Ryan

So I know I’ve been neglectful, dear blog-readers, but I swear I’ve been keeping up with everything else! With one month and two days until our wedding, I’ve certainly got my hands full…

I want to share a post from my wedding website so you can see we’re still alive and well! I promise to post some more updates some time this year! :P

They’re in!

We just received some phenomenal pics from our photo shoot with Gina & Ryan
(of Gina & Ryan Photography, naturally.)

I can’t get over how great they made us look! ;)

We made the best decision when we hired these two. I can’t recommend them enough, and I can’t WAIT to see what they can do at the wedding <3 Also! I really have to thank our coordinator, Samantha Sisk, for recommending Arlington Garden in Pasadena for the shoot. They have an amazing collection of plants, and it’s absolutely free to the public. I can’t wait to get back over there to take some pics of my own :)

Below is a small sampling from our shoot, but take a look at G&R’s blog for highlights of the whole series.




While you’re there, check out Gina & Ryan’s Los Angeles wedding portfolio – like I said, they’re awesome!

Thanks again, guys!

Wrod on Etsy!

Great news, world! Wrod Industries’ Etsy shop is finally up!

About Wrod

Chris Dwan and I created Wrod Industries three years ago when we fell in love with vinyl. We’ve designed and installed vinyl decals on walls, cars, storefronts, drumsets, boats, laptops, picture frames, promotional pieces, dance floors, and more.

Our Etsy Shop

The designs we now sell online are mostly pieces we used to sell at Handmade Galleries in Sherman Oaks. Now, through Etsy, we can regain a storefront and start designing and adding to our collection again! It will take time to compile everything from our physical store, but in time, I think we’ll have quite a variety available to the public.

Be on the lookout for new and exciting things from Wrod Industries! :D

Wedding Inspiration (Ahh!)

So it’s time to start planning the wedding! Scary and exciting!

C & I have been shopping like mad to find the right venue, and in the meantime, we’re looking for ideas and inspiration for music, lighting, photography, colors, and the general feel we want the event to have. So far things are coming together nicely!

So below are a number of images we’ve found that have inspired us! Believe me, this is a SMALL selection from the whole album :)


crane garland and lovely lights

lanterns at dusk in this reception

a cute idea for a summer fan & event program

love the vine garlands and the mint-colored chairs/candles

a pretty pinterest bouquet i found

cute custom framed tablenumbers

love the font-heavy wedding invite here

fancy boutonniere/tie combo

these pastel colors are gorgeous

rustic outdoor candles

yum - lemonade bar (preferably spiked)

rustic bar setting

SUPER cute garlands! and the sunglasses rock!

chalkboard program/announcements/welcome

lovely trees in the aisle

awesomely-colored centerpiece

a funky fun frostingless cake

lovely couple – dig the browns

Orange Blog Blog Logo!

I created this logo for the blog, and thought it should have its own post. I drew it all by myself! :P

Introducing the brand new OBB logo!

new Orange Blog Blog logo

Thanks to Spoon Graphics for the vector texture!