Critter Update!

Gotta make sure these cuties keep their fans happy ;)

Chandler (Chanandler Bong)

When he’s not hiding from everything (and I mean everything,) Chandler is usually ruling the roost on top of his basket home. Don’t let him hear you walk in, or zoooooom! he’s right back underneath his pigloo.

Chandler, the regal guinea pig

Zorro “El Gato” Vader

It’s always tough to shoot Zorro, as I need really bright light to get her face in focus. That and she usually has kitty litter on her forehead – don’t ask me why…

Fancy Zorro


Like Zorro, Keoki is really tough to shoot, but it’s usually because he can’t keep from wagging that painfully strong tail of his. Not complaining! Just happy to squeeze in a pretty shot like this :)

Keoki standing still for .0002 seconds

Pirate (Cali Pirate McGonagall)

And here is the ‘Princess,’ cheesey as ever. I have only recently found that if I lay blankets in a few choice spots, she’ll bury in them and sleep all day. Seriously adorable.

Pirate, the family ham

New Camera Makes its Debut!

Chris bought me a beautiful new camera and I can’t wait to drag it around with me everywhere!

It’s a Lumix GF5, and it’s a lovely mauve color. The Londoner recommended a Lumix, which she uses for her blog, and backed by awesome reviews and amazing photo examples, I’ve been on a mission to get something like it.

I love it so much, I drew a picture of it!

new camera Lumix GF5

Be on the lookout for some pretty photos in the blog blog future. For now, here are some introductory pics. Camera, meet blog blog. Blog blog, meet my new camera. (click for a closer look!)

oak treesnew camera outdoors

itch to scratchgoogly-eyed pal

new camera chris giggling

mutant strawberrykeoki ready for a walk

curious piratepirate curious cat

zorro in the sunzorro bowing

Look what I just bought!



I just bought this most excellent shirt, along with two or three other cat shirts…

I think I may have a problem…

nah :)

Thank you, Forever21