Everything Birds!

male indigo bunting from Rebecca's blogI think I can safely say Spring is my favorite season at the house. Everything is growing and lush and the critters are finally starting to pop out of the woodwork. I’m getting back to the garden and setting up the outdoors for meals and phone calls with Mom and birdwatching.

In my efforts to freshen up the yard (for basically the first time,) I’ve revisited my Pinterest account – what a dangerous thing! :D I love the long winding paths you can take on Pinterest – from from a picture to a recipe to a blog to another blog to a picture and back to do it all over again…

Well in my searches, I came across this lovely birdwatching/feeding blog and I thought I’d share it. Not only are there some really great bird photos (with captions so I can practice my birding skills!) but there are some great DIY feeder designs and beautiful birdhouse ideas. Not only that, but Rebecca has an etsy shop where many of her creations are sold.

Definitely check out Rebecca’s Bird Gardens Blog!

Critter Update!

Gotta make sure these cuties keep their fans happy ;)

Chandler (Chanandler Bong)

When he’s not hiding from everything (and I mean everything,) Chandler is usually ruling the roost on top of his basket home. Don’t let him hear you walk in, or zoooooom! he’s right back underneath his pigloo.

Chandler, the regal guinea pig

Zorro “El Gato” Vader

It’s always tough to shoot Zorro, as I need really bright light to get her face in focus. That and she usually has kitty litter on her forehead – don’t ask me why…

Fancy Zorro


Like Zorro, Keoki is really tough to shoot, but it’s usually because he can’t keep from wagging that painfully strong tail of his. Not complaining! Just happy to squeeze in a pretty shot like this :)

Keoki standing still for .0002 seconds

Pirate (Cali Pirate McGonagall)

And here is the ‘Princess,’ cheesey as ever. I have only recently found that if I lay blankets in a few choice spots, she’ll bury in them and sleep all day. Seriously adorable.

Pirate, the family ham

Our New Neighbors

I do my best not to scream when I come across my buggy neighbors, but these guys always, ALWAYS pop out when I least expect it.

Oh well – they’re certainly better than spiders…

one creepy dude
This is Ferdinand, hanging out on a couple of my little cacti.

Hiking in Placerita Canyon

My boys - Keoki & ChrisSorry world! I have been neglectful! But not to worry; there are plenty of great photos and stories to come! To start, here’s a little hiking catch-up.

Let’s start with Placerita Canyon hiking!

For a number of summer Sundays, C & I went out hiking with a group of our good friends. We hit a ton of great spots – Runyon Canyon, Fryman Canyon, Millard Canyon, Eaton Canyon, the old Zoo, Crescenta Valley Park, and I’m sure there were more, but I can’t remember. These photos here are from our trip to Placerita Canyon, which may have been my favorite (see: toads.)

Overall, I’m happy to say we were consistent and adventurous with our hiking trips this summer. Sadly, with football season here, the team has dwindled for the season. Maybe we’ll revive it next Spring :D

a cute baby toad

Now, this-here is why I LOVED this hike – Chris and I got there early and ended up at the butterfly pond, which was FILLED with tadpoles and baby toads! (And bees, which were, in fact, larger than the toads!)

baby toad-y in my hand!!

Inside the Placerita Canyon Nature Center, they also had a number of critters that the Rangers have caught in the neighborhood. If you’re interested in their presentations/programs, go to their website! Below is a beautiful red-tailed hawk and one of the Red Diamondback Rattlesnakes they had in the station. Luckily we didn’t see any rattlers in the wild, though Keoki totally tried to divebomb a lizard.

a GORGEOUS red-tailed hawk at the Placerita Canyon Nature Center

an icky, yet awesome rattler at the Nature Center

In all, it was a lovely hike, though maybe a little anti-climactic — the waterfall we hiked to was more of a drip this time of year — but I’m definitely looking forward to revisiting the area and the Nature Center to catch a presentation or two :)

BONUS! A Placerita Canyon Weirwood

spooOOOooky tree we found while hiking