About Me

self-portraitHi – I’m Emma :)

I’ve lived in the Los Angeles area for about six years. I’ve been a photographer, choreographer, art supply-seller, make-up artist, and ice-cream scooper in the past, and now I’m working a freelance graphic designer/creative consultant.

I like singing and tap dancing, I have 4 pets and a fiance, and my favorite color is orange (could you tell?) I play the cello and alto sax, but it’s been a while since I picked them up. More recently, I’m a karaoke star and shower/car singer…

The goal of this blog is to aggregate cool videos, tutorials, recipes, ideas, and to generally catch friends and family up on my life in Tujunga, CA. I like writing and having my little corner of the internet, so I hope you enjoy yourself while you’re here!

Thanks for stopping by!

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