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Another Vacation?

Well, I still haven’t posted the rest of my New Jersey pics, but summer vacation #2 is almost at hand!

Before I go promising posts that never see the light of day, I’ll say now that I FULLY INTEND on catching up soon! However, we’re currently shopping for wedding venues, working on the deck, searching for a contractor, cleaning the house for our favorite pet-sitters, and trying to work out the details of our Indiana/Illinois visit… SO we’ll see what happens :D

Keep your eyes peeled, and I’m sure to be in touch eventually ;)


Wedding Inspiration (Ahh!)

So it’s time to start planning the wedding! Scary and exciting!

C & I have been shopping like mad to find the right venue, and in the meantime, we’re looking for ideas and inspiration for music, lighting, photography, colors, and the general feel we want the event to have. So far things are coming together nicely!

So below are a number of images we’ve found that have inspired us! Believe me, this is a SMALL selection from the whole album :)


crane garland and lovely lights

lanterns at dusk in this reception

a cute idea for a summer fan & event program

love the vine garlands and the mint-colored chairs/candles

a pretty pinterest bouquet i found

cute custom framed tablenumbers

love the font-heavy wedding invite here

fancy boutonniere/tie combo

these pastel colors are gorgeous

rustic outdoor candles

yum - lemonade bar (preferably spiked)

rustic bar setting

SUPER cute garlands! and the sunglasses rock!

chalkboard program/announcements/welcome

lovely trees in the aisle

awesomely-colored centerpiece

a funky fun frostingless cake

lovely couple – dig the browns