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Delectable Cold & Flu Juice Recipe

I have to say this juice recipe FLOORED ME – it’s absolutely delicious and makes you feel 100% better (even when you’re not sick!!)

Chris has been under the weather the last week and found this recipe in Jason Vale’s The Funky Fresh Juice Book. They call it the J’m-Sip (jem • sip) – a play off the medicinal Lemsip, apparently – and it’s just SO GOOD. I mean, a HOT juice? It’s perfect for flu days and cold wet icky winter days, too. I could really sing its praises all day if you let me, but I’ll get to the recipe…

Best ‘Hot Cold’ Juice Recipe Ever!

Cold & Flu Juice Recipe• 1 golden delicious apple
• 3cm chunk ginger root (I always use more ginger than recommended)
• 1/2 lemon
• 1 heaping teaspoon honey (they recommend manuka honey – I just use regular local honey)
• 1/2 cup hot water (tea temperature)

Juice the apple, ginger, and lemon (book says leave the peel on)

Pour juice into mug and top with hot water

Stir in honey & enjoy!

Seriously go and try this RIGHT NOW. You’ll thank me. When Chris found the recipe, I think we tried it 3 times in a row. Absolutely brilliant.

Might be even better with a splash of whiskey on particularly bad sick days ;)

Vacation Highlights Part 1

Emma & Chris on the big day

We’re back from our fabulous vacation! & I’m back to the blog!

Jon vows

I’ve been working like mad to catch back up, but I’m finally ready to post some highlights from our Philly/Nescoe vacation :D

First, the wedding was fabulous! My college friend Jon married his long-time girlfriend, Makiya, who is lovely. They wed in a small park outside the city, and aside from a rain scare and generally damp grass, it was perfect. The sun even came out for part of the following barbecue reception. AND there were donuts :D

**ugh — the donuts… we’re back on our diets now – this trip was horrendous food-wise! I guess it’s nice to learn your lesson, though. Sometimes you just gotta remember WHY you choose healthy foods.

Jeremy, Lisa, Connie, Makiya, Jon, Emma, Chris

BarcadeGot to catch up with Jon as much as possible (considering it was his wedding weekend) but spent most of our time catching up with college-pal Lisa, her new hubby, and Aunt Connie. Much fun was had, especially at Barcade – a great arcade-bar w/ delicious craft beer and particularly excellent service!

Before the wedding, we had a little time to check out the town we were staying in – Brooklawn, NJ. It was quaint and small, and the hotel was cheap but liveable (once you aired it out a little ;) ). We found a nice spot for breakfast (The Metro Diner), a bowling alley, a DUNKIN DONUTS, a Shop Rite grocery store, and a CVS. Generally everything was great, though service was slow and DD never got our orders right the first time. But we were on vacation so we didn’t care much.

What I DID care about was the driving – GOOD LORD the drivers were vindictive assholes! I wouldn’t have believed it if I wasn’t driving so much of our trip, but some people just went out of their way to make other drivers miserable. I mean, wow! LA has the traffic, but PA has the road rage. Near misses every single day of our trip – I still can’t believe it. BUT! we made it, and I’m really glad we rented a car; we got to check out so many things we wouldn’t have been able to see otherwise.

Well, back to the trip – after the wedding on Saturday, we went to the Mütter Museum – a strange branch of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia. Their website doesn’t do it justice – it’s a collection of weird, macabre, and sometimes downright gross specimens and models of the human body. We saw at least a hundred skulls, a number of siamese twin fetuses, intestines, dehydrated/dried corpses, tumorous afflictions of every sort, the world’s tallest assembled skeleton (7’6″ I think), and all sorts of other oddities. I’m seriously glad we went in there with empty stomachs, but it was absolutely fascinating!

The next day, we saw history of a different sort w/ Colin – a bestie from CHS. He took us through some of the historic center of Philadelphia – we saw the Liberty Bell, The President’s House – the house where George Washington and John Adams worked when Philly was the capital of the US, and walked through a number of beautiful parks and saw a lot of reeeally old buildings. Back at Colin’s place we met his pets Mason & Max (sooo cute!) and got to hang out with him and Daniel for a while, until they had to leave for a dinner. (Looking forward to the 4th of July, Col!!)

bowlingWe parted ways with C&D and then headed back to the bowling alley for some fun! Chris and I played 7 games in a row and absolutely wiped ourselves out! It was fabulous :D My best game was 124 and the highlight of the night came when a spray bottle accidentally took the place of one of our bowling pins. I don’t know about you, but we couldn’t stop laughing! :P

Well – this wraps up what I’d like to consider “Part 1″ of our trip east. Stay tuned for the second half! In the meantime, here are silly pics from around the city :D


Philly SignSilly Emma poseEmma Chris hotel

Churchy-buildingsmall door

Chris is a noodle-head