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Duolingo – Learn a New Language!

Want to learn a new language? FOR FREE? Check out Duolingo.

How can it be free? Well, according to Duolingo’s site…

Here’s how it works: Somebody who needs a webpage translated uploads it to Duolingo. That document then gets presented to Duolingo students who can translate it in order to practice the language they are learning. When the document is fully translated, Duolingo returns it to the original content owner who, depending on the type of document they uploaded, pays for the translation.

I’m currently at ‘level 5′ in Italian, and I’m thinking about brushing up on my German as well. Chris is working on Spanish, and they also offer French & Portuguese. It’s very reminiscent of the Rosetta Stone teaching methods, but cheaper, more interactive, and serves a great purpose!

Definitely check it out – it makes for a great brain exercise, even if you’re not looking to master a language. And you’re not going to lose any money on it :)

Duolingo sample page

Dog Walk in the Shire

pine trees entranceI thought I would share some pics from our most recent dog walk at my favorite neighborhood spot – Crescenta Valley Park. It’s a huge and lovely space, complete with baseball diamond, basketball hoops, a dog park and a kids’ center. The best part of the park is the trail that hides behind the river. It stays quiet and peaceful over there, and it’s a perfect place to take Keoki on a pretty afternoon!

Everything was so lush and green this particular day, I couldn’t stop taking pictures. It’s really at its loveliest in spring, when everything’s grey and damp and moorish. I have a feeling the plant life is already starting to dry out, but I’ll have to go back and see. Hopefully some day soon we can get some friends out there to play frisbee :D

As you walk around the outskirts of the park, you almost reach the residential side, and that’s where you find the entrance to the trail.

trail archtrail

bright green plants

Once you get inside, you see how truly lush everything is. You are simply surrounded by plants (and the occasional bird.)
dark green landscapelush trail

I love seeing all this vibrant plant life!
plants traildog walk trail

lush plants


Happy pup :D
walking Keoki

Seriously, this post is all over the place…

I feel so guilty for not posting this last week – SO much is going on, and I have a million half-posts that just aren’t ready to see the light of day… They’ll make their way out soon though – promise! In the meantime, this post will probably be a little disparate and jumpy, as I want to tell you EVERYTHING :P

Up & coming

Tomorrow night is Jeff Goldblum & the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra night and my 4th anniversary celebration with Chris- super excited for that! We’ll get to see Coworker Chris & Molly, too, so it will make a lovely double date! Saw JG on Conan the other night – I’m fascinated by the man… can’t wait!

And tomorrow I’ll be having a nice lunch date with Linda; it will be great to be in Burbank for the afternoon :)

Then the rest of the week is basically booked. I’ve got two new clients, two old clients coming back for more, personal design projects, a couple weekend events, tons of housework, and lots of dancing to do… *brain explodes*

Tap your troubles away!

This SATURDAY, I’ll be teaching and tapping in Sherman Oaks for TAProbics’ 4th anniversary! (Chris & my anniversary is actually on the EXACT same day that TAProbics was created – weird, right?) At 11, I’ll teach an Intro to TAProbics class, and 11:30 starts the actual cardio-tapping-fat-busting workout. Sounds like I might teach a number or two in there as well, so it should make for a good day to get the jitters out! I’m totally nervous and excited, and I’m hoping to drag a few friends to the class if I can :D – it’s only $8!

“Critter Central”

The house has been an adventure lately – not only did I see three coyotes here on Monday (like, right next door,) but we had a dead rattler under my usual parking spot, a rogue parrot chilling in the trees, and a red-tailed hawk hanging out on the power line, pissing off the blue jays (who have apparently moved in.) This was all within one week, so I’m curious to see what shows up next. We’re starting to keep the puppy indoors when C & I are out for longer periods of time. It just feels safer. I mean – it’s not even the bobcat/coyotes that scare me as much as the rattlesnake… Those things could be anywhere at any time… and Keoki’s such a friendly/curious dog, I’m worried he’ll try to lick one or something. Not to say I’m not nervous about the kittens getting out, too. Just gotta be careful on all fronts, I suppose… At the same time, it’s SO COOL to see the wildlife in our backyard… just wish I was getting pictures!

Work it!

I’m gaining traction for what I believe will be a new facet of my freelance design company. This blog has actually been a huge inspiration… Since the creation of this blog, I’ve started working on at least 4 different WordPress sites, and I’m really digging the interface. In the next few months, I’m planning to create an offshoot of my freelance work completely dedicated to making WP sites for small businesses and brands. I’ll create a cool static site with an optional blog for clients who are interested, along with hosting/web management and additional consultation & branding redesign if they wish it…

Still trying to tweak the details, but if you or anyone you know needs a basic site to get their company name on the interwebs, let me know! And seriously, as I’m working out the company kinks, I’d love to have more projects to move forward with – it’s a great way to figure out what I’ll need to provide! I love redesigns, too – and WP is a great resource for creating awesome up-to-date sites! It’s so awesome, I’m actually redesigning my current website right now!

While we’re talking about redesigns…

I tweaked the blog design! Isn’t it lovely? I figured I should keep the design fresh, and I guess I was in a blue-gray early-morning mood when I made it… works for me! I definitely love playing around with code – it’s very good practice, and it’s especially great to work on passion-projects. There’s no point if you’re not having fun!

The Post-Diet Diet

I’m still eating according to Whole Life Challenge rules on weekdays, but I’m allowing more foods back into the diet on weekends. It’s been nice to be able to try some sweets/alcohol on a Saturday night, and we don’t have to feel bad when we go out and there are no approved options… I DO know that the cheats don’t always agree with me, so I have found myself looking forward to going back to the diet. That’s a good thing, but it’s still a bummer to know that dairy is pretty much out unless I wanna get sick.

I think tomorrow I’ll be making an exception for the lunch and dinner/drinks, but Sunday I’ll restart the diet early. I guess this doesn’t affect YOU out there, but it’s nice to put it out there! It keeps me accountable.


Speaking of being accountable – I should be getting to bed, as I have lunch plans that I can’t miss tomorrow ;)

Good night and I promise to post again SOOON!

Orange Blog Blog Logo!

I created this logo for the blog, and thought it should have its own post. I drew it all by myself! :P

Introducing the brand new OBB logo!

new Orange Blog Blog logo

Thanks to Spoon Graphics for the vector texture!