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Birthday News & Happy Easter!

Grandma Fryer turned 92 years old today! Amazing!

Dick & Jane (Grandpa & Grandma) in their younger days. Yes, they’re Dick & Jane :D

Our Easter Sunday was very nice. C & I went to his parents’ house and we had a delicious WLC-approved dinner and dessert – no chocolate bunnies this year! We also celebrated Chris’ birthday, which is coming up tomorrow. Happy early b-day, babe! :)

Now, we’re back home, relaxing and watching Angel — drinking some delicious white tea in a beautiful tea set I got from Tom for my birthday! Wonderful!

Tea-rrific! Happy Birthday, Grandma, & Happy Easter to everyone else!

tea set birthday gift

Jenna Marbles – A Sweet Video

Do you know Jenna Marbles?

She’s crass (like, seriously crass), funny, pretty, and wacky. If you haven’t seen other Jenna Marbles videos, definitely check them out. This one is my favorite.

Her latest video, though, is so uncharacteristically sweet and human, I had to share it…

It just goes to show that no one has it easy all the time. Only you can define how happy you are. You can’t go around comparing yourself to people you follow/watch/listen to/read about… There’s a good chance their lives aren’t as picture perfect as you imagine them to be.

Good luck, Jenna Marbles!

*and enjoy her videos if you’re new to them – she’s weird and silly, and probably not for everyone, but I certainly enjoy them :)

8 Double Unders!

If you’re a part of the CrossFit world (or the jump-roping world, I assume), you know what a double under is. You jump rope, but instead of swinging once for each jump, you swing twice. Sounds crazy, no?

To top that, you’re not just doing one of these; CrossFitters like to string double unders consecutively for a heart-racing workout. A lot of the folks at CFS can do 40-60 or more (without batting an eye, it would seem.) Up until today, I’ve gotten 5 in a row (and that was only once.)

At this point, regular jump rope is enough to keep my heart pounding, but I love a challenge. I’ve been working non-stop on my roping skills at home, terrifying the cats. Below is the video that has really helped me break down the motion.

The best way to get started for me was sneak in doubles with everyday singles, as the video suggested. S, S, S, D, S, S, S, D, etc. Then I started getting down to S, D, S, D. I can’t keep the jumps up for long, but I feel like things are much more consistent than they were in the beginning.

& it would seem that the work is paying off, at least a little – I had a breakthrough today! Instead of working up to my usual 2 or 3 in a row, whipping my leg w/ the rope, and cursing at myself, I got 8 double unders in a row!!

The next step will be to do it again. ;) When I tried, I was able to get 5 almost right away, so I guess I’m on the right track. Now I just need the stamina to keep pushing – these ain’t easy!

If you’d like to try and do double unders, I recommend starting slow, as the above video suggests. Don’t look for how many you can do in a row until you get the regular motion down. And don’t let it bum you out – these things are HARD, and timing and practice are key.

**Edit! About a week has passed since I wrote this post, and I was able to get up to 17 double unders in a row! Insanity! Just keep plugging away and you’ll get it, too!**

Our Feng Shui Encounter

Chris and I recently met with our friend and feng shui consultant, Shaun-Mathieu Smith, to discuss improving the layout and the flow of our home. I have to tell you I am SO looking forward to implementing the changes Shaun suggested! He has magnificent taste, and is very practical in his practice. There were no weird superstitious rules and he helped us come up with inexpensive ways to implement changes. No crazy up-selling involved.

Some of the improvements will be more of a process than others, but it’s nice to have someone knowledgeable to bounce ideas off of, and to get a fresh perspective on a place you spend so much of your time. Especially while we’re still tweaking and fixing up the house, it was great having Shaun drop by to help us analyze what’s left.

I’ll let you know how things progress as we make our home changes, but in the meantime, check out Shaun’s fantastic blog, The Feng Shui Foodie, and get in touch with him if you’d like him to look at your home or office!