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a blog blog?

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a little while now… Why? Well, mostly because I like to write. As a designer-by-day, the most writing I do is in my email correspondences, and quite frankly, those notes are not very exciting. They get the job done, but are more business than pleasure. THIS project, however, ought to be strictly fun… but the question still lingered – What was I going to write about?

Well, more on me:

Me!I’m a graphic designer in California, and I focus mostly on business advertisement and marketing. My fiance & I just bought a house last fall, and I’m working from home so I can spend most of my free time painting, updating, and decorating the place. The two of us are currently on an eight-week diet/exercise plan, so even more free time has been spent finding recipes, grocery shopping, and cooking! With all my new endeavors, I spend more time “shopping” online than anything else. I need fresh recipes, decor ideas, color schemes, DIY’s, cool products/merchandise, you name it…

‘The Orange Blog Blog’ is born!

I’d like to be able to share what I find out there on the internet that works for me. Which DIY posts are most doable? Which crafts are both fun AND cute? Which recipes are the most satiating? What design tutorials are inspiring? It’s an idea in the making, but I’m looking forward to testing out my skills as a blog blogger.

Having said that, I can tell you that this won’t just be a boring review blog… I wouldn’t want to pigeon-hole my new hobby before I even begin, and reviews are bland if nothing new is brought to the table. I’m sure there will be tons of personal posts, too, so bear with me as I find my blog-blog-footing!